Hanging Out In the Hood

I’ve been spending a bit more time inside lately with the Coronavirus forcing many of us to curtail our outdoor activities. I work in healthcare so I have actually been out everyday up until this week as I am on vacation. I have been getting out to take a walk at Loudin Park Cemetery with my brother the last couple of days. Not a lot of gathering of people out there although we did run across 4 teenagers heading or coming from a basketball court out along one of the roads. I still enjoy going out to the cemetery as it is a place of refuge and tranquility.

Going to the store is a strange experience seeing at least half of the people wearing masks. I haven’t been doing that but keep my distance from people and have been using a lot of sanitizer and wipes. I think most people have been following the ‘Social Distancing’ thing although I do see groups of people from time to time in my travels back and forth to Delaware.

The police station across from me has had to shut down as several officers have tested positive for the Coronavirus. They have sent in some State Police and officers from other districts to pick up the slack. Makes you wonder how long it would take for the thugs and criminals to take advantage of the situation if they were shut down or scaled back to a skeleton crew. My guess is not long.

Well anyway, there are some benefits to staying inside. I have been able to read a bit and actually start writing again as the forced shutdown has allowed me to get away from other distractions. I would like to get back in to playing the guitar again as I enjoyed that for many years, but have drifted away from it as other interests and work have preoccupied most of my time.

I don’t know how long this virus and shutdown will last but I have a suspicion that things won’t be the same going forward. It seems that every time a crisis arises we lose more of our freedoms. Political correctness already has many people cowering in fear of offending someone, I can only imagine what other things will be put in place going forward.

Well, anyway stay safe and hopefully we will all get through this and we can resume some kind of normal life before long.