Everyday Seems Like Sunday

I took a walk out in Arbutus last night just to get out for a bit. The weather was beautiful but there’s an eeriness about things now, as everyday seems like a Sunday evening. Observing things as I walked along trying not to trip over the raised sidewalks and dodging the occasional person that crossed my path, I noticed on such a beautiful Spring evening that there was hardly anybody out walking, traffic was very light, just a weird feeling for the middle of the week. I don’t know if things will every get back to ‘normal’ from here on out as I don’t see things returning to what they were before the Coronavirus hit the country. It’s my belief that many people will not be going back to their former jobs, and the economy will suffer through some hard times. Probably a good time to hunker down, spend less, and try to enjoy the simple things in life again, like reading a book, taking a walk, enjoying nature, things that we often overlook when we are caught up in our hectic daily life. I’m still currently working as I’m in the healthcare field, but fortunately had scheduled a week off in April, back in January. Its given me some time to ponder things and try to again focus on what’s really important. For better or worse, I believe many of us will have more time to do that going forward.