Thinking Out Loud

As I was traveling throughout Baltimore today over in East Baltimore, up around Greenmount Avenue, and other areas in the heart of Inner City Baltimore, I noticed that the warm weather had brought many people out and about on the streets, some with masks and about as many others without. I was thinking how difficult it would be to have the residents of these Baltimore neighborhoods practice ‘Social Distancing’ as so many people are pushed together in many of these well…. slums and it’s not in the nature of people to stay inside those rowhomes once the days start heating up. Besides, when you live under the dangerous day to day struggles to survive with the rampant drug addiction and accompanying violence, a little thing like a virus isn’t going to scare you very much.

I received my ‘stimulus’ check last week, and since I have been working all along it sort has me feeling like I’m getting something for nothing which considering all the money that is being printed up by the Federal Reserve is actually the case. I figure I’ll give a bit to a couple charities, and buy some silver, and perhaps let the rest just sit here. While I didn’t really need the money, I know that many people do, and really $1200 is just throwing the working class stiffs a bone considering how much money was handed over to the money whores on Wall Street and big banks among others. With the Feds injecting their ‘Monetary Methadone’ into all segments of the economy, you might just need a wheelbarrow of currency to buy your groceries in the future. Actually, they will most likely shift to a digital currency by then as the paper stuff will have run its course as all fiat currencies eventually do.

I would like to add one last thing before I end this pointless post, and that is when traveling through some of Baltimore’s neighborhoods you can’t help but notice just how run down and dirty some of the areas are. You have literally blocks of empty rowhomes in some areas with trash strewn streets and nothing in the way of business other than the occasional Korean corner store, along with the neighborhood liquor store thrown in for good measure. On the other hand, in areas such as Canton, it’s like a tale of two cities as you have million dollar condominiums, boats docked along the shore, bustling business(as least before the Coronavirus hit) and a vitality that is completely absent in the aforementioned neighborhoods. Perhaps it will always be ‘That’s Just the Way it Is’ as Bruce Hornsby sang some years ago. The haves and have nots, and never shall the twain meet.