Month: May 2020

The 10 Most Notorious Projects in Baltimore

I remember most of these projects, and fortunately the worst of the worst, the high rises like the ‘Flaghouse Projects’, ‘Lafayette Courts’, and ‘Murphy Homes’ have since been destroyed. My grandmother lived in the ‘O’Donnell Heights’ projects back in the early 60’s and I recall visiting her back then, and it didn’t seem all that bad. It’s not only Baltimore many other cities like D.C. have some pretty nasty projects as well. When I was..

Jack Says “NO”

Here in Baltimore there is a car dealer that runs tons of ads on T.V. touting that regardless of a person’s credit, financial history, or any other factor he will find a way to make a deal. At the end of the commercial he usually finishes with “Jack says YES”. Well, here in Baltimore City, we have another Jack that says”NO”. Jack Young the mayor of Baltimore has decided to shut down all outdoor activities..