The 10 Most Notorious Projects in Baltimore

I remember most of these projects, and fortunately the worst of the worst, the high rises like the ‘Flaghouse Projects’, ‘Lafayette Courts’, and ‘Murphy Homes’ have since been destroyed. My grandmother lived in the ‘O’Donnell Heights’ projects back in the early 60’s and I recall visiting her back then, and it didn’t seem all that bad. It’s not only Baltimore many other cities like D.C. have some pretty nasty projects as well. When I was working for another company back in the late 90’s, one of my stops was at a multi-storied project building down in S.E. D.C., down on Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard in Anacostia. Going there as a paleface in a predominantly Black high-rise was unnerving in itself but to get where I needed to go, I had to take the elevator down to the ground floor which was dimly lit and walk about a quarter of a mile to get to my location. Needless to say, it wasn’t one of my favorite stops.

Baltimore has been beset with high crime rates for decades and the projects were some of the worst environments to call home as people were herded into the high rises like cattle and the poverty and accompanying misery that project life there entailed was indeed the perfect breeding ground for all sorts of criminal activity. While the high rise projects in Baltimore have largely disappeared, the poverty and accompanying crime continues as much of the problems were just relocated to other areas of the city.