It ‘Don’t’ Matter

I remember many years ago talking to a guy I worked with back around the time Marion Barry was among the living commenting on the fact that I couldn’t believe that the people would elect Barry to office after the video came out showing him smoking crack, was convicted of a crime, went to jail, and later was elected as Mayor of D.C. Ken, a tall soft spoken Black guy responded to my comments with a “it don’t matter”. Apparently, being convicted of a crime was no big deal in the largely Black community down in D.C. He said it was sort of to be expected of the people in power, and was no big deal, and wouldn’t prevent people from voting for him. In a way I guess it was a ‘badge of honor’.

You see the same thing in other large metropolitan cities and right here in Baltimore, you have Sheila Dixon who was convicted of embezzlement in stealing gifts cards that were intended for the poor, possibly going to be the next mayor of Baltimore. It seems that the people in these communities either have very short memories, very forgiving, or live by a different moral code than what I naively was taught growing up, and character doesn’t matter so much. It’s a shame too, as there are several good mayoral candidates running this time around but apparently the people would prefer a con as opposed to others who have some good ideas, but don’t have a criminal record. Is it any wonder we see a city such as Baltimore in decline, and continue to see an exodus of people from the city?