You’ve Got to Keep Them Separated

The song ‘Come Out and Play’ by the Offspring talks about the insanity of gang violence and how the littlest thing can be a sign of disrespect and leads to violence among the gangs, whether Bloods and Crips, or others, and how you need to keep them separated. Here in Baltimore and other places we’ve been told that we have to keep ‘social distance’ between us and therefore we have to keep ‘us’ separated. As we enter the summer period it’s becoming much more difficult to keep people separated as we get out and about and whether it’s the beach, parks or other places, you are going to have more people in public places and out on the roads. This is uncharted waters that we are living in as the economy has never been completely shut down before, and with schools having been closed since March of this year, and who knows when they will reopen and how they will function if the Coronavirus is still lurking around, which is a likely scenario. As recent events have shown, it’s hard enough to keep people isolated and separated for very long, and with the warmer weather upon us, it’s natural for most people to want to get out and enjoy the weather and with that you are going to have more comingling and contact with others. It has to be especially hard for kids as they are all about playing, and just being kids, and now that has been taken away from them.

In this time of social distancing and wearing of masks, I have to wonder how long this can continue and what will happen if people finally say ‘enough is enough’, we will deal with the consequences, whatever they will be. It already seems that some have decided to throw caution to the wind and with that there has already been upticks in cases in several states as some restrictions have been relaxed. You also have hundreds if not thousands of people getting together during the ongoing protests, some wearing masks, but many are not and as far social distancing at the ‘protests’, you only have to turn on the T.V. to see that’s not happening. Humans are for the most part social creatures but I have to wonder if the Coronavirus will at least for the near future tend to keep many of us separated? Some believe that there has been an overreaction among the government authorities while others believe it was necessary to shut down society in order to save lives. I’m not sure what the proper actions were or are, but I do know that from here on out things will not be the same, and we are living in a new normal as we try to move forward.