Month: July 2020

Dead Zones and the End of History

When you look around at what’s going on in many of America’s big cities, you have to wonder what is going to be left intact when it’s all said and done? While some would call what’s going on an ‘awoke’ protest to what they consider racial injustice, others would call it more appropriately orchestrated rioting and anarchy. Regardless of what side of the political and cultural spectrum you reside in, it would be hard to..

Shorty Long and Willie Lump Lump

Looking back at my childhood years, I have often said that there were more characters in that little S.W. Baltimore neighborhood than anywhere else. These individuals were not noteworthy in the sense of accomplishment or what the world would consider people of importance but to many of us growing up during that time they acquired a bit of status in the sense that most in the neighborhood recognized them instantly by the name. While the..