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Rufus… The Rubber Toothed Dog

There was a family that lived in the big Red House at the corner of Dulany and Millington known as the Hyles. They had the misfortune of being situated across from the schoolyard where we played ball and when playing Strikeouts, a good hit would oftentimes mean that the Hyles were going to lose a window. The Hyles had several dogs, and one of them was a old tan colored dog named Rufus. The story..

Neighborhood Barbers

There was a barber that had a shop at the bottom of St. Benedict’s Street. It was basically a row house where the front entrance had been converted into a barbershop. Most of us kids would go there to get our hair cut as Steve was a nice old guy that charged I believe about 25 cents but the thing about Steve is that oftentimes he would give you back more than what you gave..

The Games We Played

Looking back, it seemed we never lacked for imagination when finding things to get into. For those of us who were sports minded, we created all sorts of games like Tradeball, Wallball, Curb-ball, Strikeouts, Alleyball, etc. But even if sports wasn’t your thing, there was always things to get into. Down in the woods, we played a game called ‘Chicken’ in which there was a rope tied to a tree branch high up in the..

Sacrifice Zones

Chris Hedges talks about ‘Sacrifice Zones of America’ and when I think about the Southwest Baltimore neighborhood that I grew up in, I think you could say that the old neighborhood is a victim as well. While there may be many reasons for it, the truth is that the S.W. Baltimore neighborhood that I grew up in like many other urban areas in the U.S. has been reduced to urban wastelands with rows of boarded..

Those Friday Nights at Memorial Stadium

Growing up as a youngster in Baltimore, I was an avid sports fan and like many of the kids in my neighborhood, lived and died by what happened with the local teams; the Baltimore Colts and Baltimore Orioles. One of my favorite things to look forward to was a trip to Memorial Stadium on a Friday evening. I would jump on that number 3 bus up at Wilkens Avenue and Brunswick and take that long..

First Memories of School

One of the earliest memories I have of any substance is attending Mrs Lockhart’s Kindergarten class at Besty Ross Elementary School on Millington Avenue in Southwest Baltimore. I’m not really sure if she was a Mrs. or a Miss but she was definitely not a Ms. Mrs. Lockhart was a kindly lady as you would expect for someone dealing with kids around the age of five. In any event, Mrs/Miss Lockhart would keep us entertained..

Growing up Baltimore

I have decided to write a Blog about growing up in Baltimore in the late 50’s and 60’s. The reason the site is called Baltimore Stoops is because ‘stoop sitting’ was a popular pastime for folks back then on those hot summer nights. They would sit out front on the stoops with the pitcher of beer(if money allowed) and watch the activity taking place during those steamy nights in the city. I’ve often said that..