I remember most of these projects, and fortunately the worst of the worst, the high rises like the ‘Flaghouse Projects’, ‘Lafayette Courts’, and ‘Murphy Homes’ have since been destroyed. My grandmother lived in the ‘O’Donnell Heights’ projects back in the early 60’s and I recall visiting her back then, and it didn’t seem all that bad. It’s not only Baltimore many other cities like D.C. have some pretty nasty projects as well. When I was..

Jack Says “NO”

Here in Baltimore there is a car dealer that runs tons of ads on T.V. touting that regardless of a person’s credit, financial history, or any other factor he will find a way to make a deal. At the end of the commercial he usually finishes with “Jack says YES”. Well, here in Baltimore City, we have another Jack that says”NO”. Jack Young the mayor of Baltimore has decided to shut down all outdoor activities..

Thinking Out Loud

As I was traveling throughout Baltimore today over in East Baltimore, up around Greenmount Avenue, and other areas in the heart of Inner City Baltimore, I noticed that the warm weather had brought many people out and about on the streets, some with masks and about as many others without. I was thinking how difficult it would be to have the residents of these Baltimore neighborhoods practice ‘Social Distancing’ as so many people are pushed..

West Baltimore Hood Coronavirus Quarantine Part 2

As you can tell in this video, the citizens of West Baltimore are obediently obeying the lockdown and self quarantining orders on the streets of Baltimore. Notice how the young men and women on the streets of West Baltimore are strictly adhering to ‘social distancing’.

Baltimore Hood Lockdown Interview

Interviewing a guy on a corner of Baltimore during the Coronavirus pandemic. Always a couple of characters looking to mug it up on camera.

Everyday Seems Like Sunday

I took a walk out in Arbutus last night just to get out for a bit. The weather was beautiful but there’s an eeriness about things now, as everyday seems like a Sunday evening. Observing things as I walked along trying not to trip over the raised sidewalks and dodging the occasional person that crossed my path, I noticed on such a beautiful Spring evening that there was hardly anybody out walking, traffic was very..

Hanging Out In the Hood

I’ve been spending a bit more time inside lately with the Coronavirus forcing many of us to curtail our outdoor activities. I work in healthcare so I have actually been out everyday up until this week as I am on vacation. I have been getting out to take a walk at Loudin Park Cemetery with my brother the last couple of days. Not a lot of gathering of people out there although we did run..

Gwynns Falls River

I have spent a large part of my life living and playing around the Gwynns Falls River, wading through it as a child with my brother and friends, fishing in it, and actually swimming in it. Even though it was much more polluted back then, we managed to survive the waste that use to flow into the river, and I don’t glow fluorescent. I even remember when the river use to freeze over and you..

Culture of Baltimore

This article from Wikipedia provides some good insight into Baltimore and its culture. Baltimore has or in some cases ‘had’ a lot of things that were quite peculiar to it. While the article gives homage to Baltimore’s famed steamed crabs and crab cakes, there is also mention of Natty Bo, Bull and Oyster roasts, duckpin bowling, rowhomes, and companies like Bergers, Polock Johnny’s, Goetze’s candies(the caramel with the white stuff in the middle), Rheb’s Homemade..

Bingo Nights

We didn’t have a whole lot of entertainment venues in our Southwest Baltimore neighborhood back in the 60’s other than the local taverns but one thing we did have in our working class neighborhood was BINGO! Yes bingo was quite popular among the locals who lived there and also brought in a lot of folks from out of the neighborhood. In its heyday, St. Benedict’s Church would have bingo on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday nights…