The Best Friend You’ll Ever Have

Like most men from his era, my father wasn’t prone to excessive talk, and when he did it wasn’t usually a long drawn out lecture or anything like that but something quite concise and to the point. Not having much formal education but plenty of real world education such as growing up as a teenager during the Great Depression and then going off to war to spend nearly the next four years in Europe fighting..

Happy Birthday Dad

Yesterday was my father’s birthday. He was born on December 3, 1918, which means that he would be 101 if he were alive today. December is a month of birth dates in my family as my father was born December 3, mother December 9, and my brother Tom on December 14 which indicates that nine months before December must have been a pretty hot time in my family. Sometimes I try to imagine what my..

The Deep Freeze of 1977

Now that Thanksgiving is behind us, the calendar has turned from November to December, the cold dark bone chilling days of December are upon us. My father used to say about those kind of days that it’s ‘raw’ outside. Still, we don’t seem to get the kind of winters that we used to, and except for an occasional ‘ringer’ thrown in every once in a while like the ice storms of 1993 or the blizzards..

Thanksgiving Memories

Another Thanksgiving is upon us and while it was always one of my favorite holidays, it’s not the same as it was when I was a young lad and had all the family with us. Even though we were quite poor, my folks managed to put together quite the spread for Thanksgiving. The day usually started with the Parade’s, including the Macy’s and the rest, and then about noon or so, it was time to..

Baltimore’s Rich History and Characters

A friend has said that Baltimore is a ‘tired old town’ and in many ways it is. While there are a couple of areas of vitality in Baltimore mainly over on the Eastside at Fells Point and right on up through Canton, over here in Southwest Baltimore we don’t have a harbor, all we have is the Gwynns Falls River and I don’t see a big demand for any ‘Brunswick on the Gwynns’ half million..

November 22, 1963

I have heard it said that as you get older you can remember things that happened many years ago quite clearly, yet can’t recall what you had for lunch that day. While there may be some truth to that, I believe there are some events in our life that are so powerful that they instantly evoke memories and images of that event that occurred many years ago. That’s the case for me as I can..

Baltimore Politicians….Bush League Criminals

With another ex Baltimore Mayor being indicted today for wire fraud and tax evasion revolving around a scheme of self published children’s books, it occured to me that Baltimore’s politicians are in the minor leagues when it comes to criminal activity. Take for instance Sheila Dixon, another ex Baltimore Mayor charged with stealing ‘gift cards’. I mean that’s the best you can do? I believe that there needs to be a Political Crime School for..

Remembering Ron Smith WBAL Baltimore

It was around this time of the year back in 2011 that Ron Smith, the WBAL radio personality in Baltimore announced on his show that he had stage 4 Pancreatic Cancer. It was a shock to all of his listeners as there was no indication that Ron was suffering from anything of that nature as he had been performing his shows like clockwork right up to that time. Ron succumbed to cancer just a couple..

Another Dubious Milestone for Baltimore

I just heard on the news today that Baltimore is just another shooting victim or two away from reaching 300 murders again this year. While the politicians pontificate about “things need to change”, residents do their candlelight marches, and the revolving door of police commissioners continues, nothing really changes. While many reasons are given for the continuing violence including remnants of slavery, drug trade, lack of job opportunities, illegitimacy, education and others, the fact is..