I am pretty much a non-drinker and have been for many years. However, there was a time back when I was much younger that like most teeenagers, I began to start experimenting with different things like alcohol, and I remember that one of the first things that I drank as a teenager was ‘Bali-Hai’, a cheap wine, that cost about $0.60 cents a bottle. Although I can’t remember how, a couple of guys and myself..

Hot Off the Grill

I would venture the supposition that as teenagers most of us didn’t mind having fun at someone else’s expense. Since Dan’s Sub Shop was the focal point for many of the neighborhood activities, and since the Boo Boo’s happened to live next door to the sub shop, they often bore the brunt of the pranks that the locals would come up with. One of the stunts that I remember some of the guys pulling was..

When Halloween Was Fun

It seems that society is intent on taking the fun out of everything in today’s world. With the crazies and political correctness run amok, it seems that the only way kids can have fun today is sitting in front of a computer and entering into the world of fantasy as they do battle against others in war games and other artifically created worlds. Take Halloween for instance, back when I was kid, Halloween was a..

1920’s Video Footage of Pigtown

Click on the link above to see some rather rare footage of Pigtown in the 1920’s.

Hold the Hot Sauce

Charles Zill and I use to do a lot of different jobs back in the early 80’s when we started a venture we called ‘Take a Way’. One of the things that we would often do is clean out homes that had unwanted stuff that was still usable. On this particular day, Charles, myself and my brother Dave had also tagged along to clean out a house in Pikesville, Maryland that the realtor was getting..

Boating With Capt’n Bob

The following is a true story and the names have not been changed because there are no innocent, we were all guilty of stupidity. This happened quite a few summers ago, but is as clear today as back then. After reading, you’ll understand why. We all started out bright and early for a day out on the water. The five of us; my brothers Rick and Dave, myself and two Bob’s, Bob P. and Captain..

Jack Purcell’s

“Hey, he’s wearing fishheads”, someone would shout at the lad who had the audacity to try and pass off a cheap knockoff of JP’s for the real deal. Growing up in the 60’s, before ‘Air Jordan’s’ and all the other high priced athletic shoes pushed by Nike, Adidas, Under Armor, Sketcher’s and others, you had to have a pair of Jack Purcell ‘tenna shoes’ to be cool. When I was able to save up the..

Baltimore 1972 Archive Footage

Some excellent video of Baltimore back in 1972. You’ll recognize a lot of the places. Downtown and The Inner Harbor, Ritchie Highway, Brooklyn and other places. Take a drive back to 1972!

Time Stand Still

There was a song done by the Canadian Rock Band ‘Rush’ entitled ‘Time Stand Still’ back in 1987. The songwriter is saying in essence that while he doesn’t want to live in the past, but would like to be able to stop time for a while to enjoy the moment, make the moment last a little big longer to be able to look around at the people and places around him. I was thinking along..

Hey Mon

If you have lived anywhere around Baltimore for the last decade or so, you have most likely seen a guy jogging around town that we call ‘Hey Mon’. I have seen this guy in every part of the city at one time or another but lately he seems to have confined himself to the west side as he looks to be getting a little long in the tooth, as his jogging has become more like..