Fall is fast approaching(thank goodness) and like clockwork football will soon be the primary focus for avid sports fans. I use to be one of those avid NFL watchers but between the money, interjection of politics and thuggery of what has become the National Felony League, I just don’t have the interest any longer. Growing up, I participated in sports of all types, and played my share of football. Most of the time we played..

Hospital Heaven

One thing that you can say that Baltimore has a lot of other than rats, heroin addicts, illegals, trash, and hons, are hospitals. I was up at Bon Secours Hospital in West Baltimore the other day on business, and I noticed that it hasn’t changed a whole lot. Other than a parking garage and some cosmetic facelifts, inside it still looked about the same. I have a somewhat ‘special’ connection with the hospital not only..

What’s In a Name?

When we first come into the world, we are given a name, what one might call a ‘formal name’. For instance, mine is William. However, as we grow up, we tend to pick up other names along the way, what are usually referred to as ‘nicknames’. In example, for William, it’s usually Bill. For Richard, it’s most often Rick. But as we grow older and develop our own unique personality, other people along the way..

When Libraries Were About Books

When growing up as a young boy, one of my most enjoyable pleasures was reading. I would read sports books, novels, and other books that happened to strike my fancy. Later on in my teenage years, I got into reading dystopian novels like ‘1984’ ‘Brave New World’ and other such novels. A bit later I got into the self help books as I suffered from a very pronounced low self esteem. My brother Tom on..

Dog Days of August

Even though I was born in August, I would have to say that as I get older it is my least favorite time of year. After several months of unrelenting hot humid days, you are ready for a change. It was the same growing up back in the schooldays of the sixties. I remember come June, how exciting it was to be off from school and being able to do what you want without the..

West Virginia Bound

Have you ever done anything on a whim that when you look back on it, seems even more unbelievable 50 years later? Well, my brother Rick and his friend Bob(yep that Bob)decided that they were going to bicycle up to West Virginia one summer evening when he and Bob were both about 15, and carried with them no money and two Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwiches for their trip. They left around midnight and rode..

Cardinal Gibbons Swim Club

I’m not much on summer any longer. By the time you get to August with its endless days of 95 degree temperatures and humidity so thick that it saps whatever energy you have left as soon as you step outside, but that’s what you get in this area at this time of year, you can count on it. Now if I had a swimming pool that I could jump into when I came home from..

The Turbulent Sixties.

Perhaps it was because we grew up during that time but if you did a honest assessment of the decades preceding the present time, I don’t believe you could find a more volatile period than the sixties. Off the top of my head I can think of the Vietnam War, the Cuban Missile Crisis, the assassination of President Kennedy, the Civil Rights Movement, the assassination of Robert Kennedy and Martin Luther King, and the riots..

Wilton Farm Dairy

Unless you are older than threescore and five(I will be in a couple of weeks)you wouldn’t know that this… Used to look like this…. Back in the 60’s, cows used to graze here, across from what is now the Giant- Wilkens Avenue Shopping Plaza, I remember seeing those Holsteins out there, and even now when I go out that way, it seems so out of place that cows would have been where those town homes..

Unfulfilled Promise

Thinking back to that time when I was growing up in the 60’s, I recall that there were many talented people back then in that S.W. Baltimore neighborhood. There were people with artistic talents, excellent athletes, some real talented musicians, some others who could have been entrepreneurs and many other budding talents as well. The problem was for most that there was no ‘mentor’ to guide and inspire them to do something with their talents…